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OEM or Aftermarket Springs? That is the question

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I've got a 2016 Mazda 6 Sport that I've been dumping too much money into, trying to make it more fun to drive. I replaced almost all of the front suspension/alignment and for the struts went with Bilstein B6s, but used the original springs. I replaced the mounts with KYBs (after reading reviews it looks like that might have been a poor choice), along with new lower control arms, outer tie rods, and new swaybar links.

Now I'm sourcing parts for the rear and I just got the Bilstein B6 rear shock absorbers to match the front struts. Since I would have to compress the original springs again, replacing them altogether seems worth it if it makes the ride more enjoyable. About 90% of my driving is open road highway/country roads.

Any recommendations on springs? I would be open to aftermarket spring seats if there is any real reason to get them but was planning on buying OEM through MazdaSwag. I would prefer not to lower it more than an inch at most due to my driveway being a decent incline out and I have to hug one side already with stock ride height. I'm looking at parting with the original 17inch wheels and going with 16inch Enkei EDR9s or Konig Control 45B with either Pirelli P4 Seasons Plus or Michelin Defender H+T in 225/60R16s and am uncertain on how/if that would affect anything.
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@ThatOneGuy93 Sounds good so far.
@Sydtron has some great advice.
Be sure that you did your final torque on all those bushings when they were at their normal ride height or they will all tear pretty quick.
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Above is a new bushing that was about 0.5in from normal ride height when torqued. It lasted about 7,000mi
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