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  • DrFeelGood ·
    Engine Drive Belt Bearings:
    Idler pulley: NTN 6203LU [Size (mm) : 17x40x12]
    Tensioner pulley: NTN 6303LUA [Size (mm) : 17x47x14]
    A/C pulley: NTN 2J-DF07A02LA4 [Size (mm) : 35x55x20]
    Ironman51662 ·
    Hey there again,

    I had hit you up previously about the Steeda front sway bar you had offered for sale. I also remember you mentioning that you had a 24mm Whiteline bar as well. If you are still going to swap the Steeda bar for a MS6 one, what were you planning to do with the Whiteline one? I believe they both should work on my '06 Milan. Thx!

    jim94610 ·
    Hi DrFeelGood,

    I was just joking with my "I've heard of back-seat driving, but this is ridiculous!" comment. (Putting the test-weight in the back footwell conjured images of sitting there to drive.)

    I didn't mean anything by it, sorry if it sounded snarky.

    - jim
    DrFeelGood ·

    1 = Bank 2 warm-up catalyst (pre-cat) (LH) (P0431)
    2 = Bank 2 TWC (three-way catalyst) catalytic converter
    3 = Bank 1 warm-up catalyst (pre-cat) (RH) (P0421)
    4 = Front pipe (flex pipe)
    5 = Bank 1 TWC (three-way catalyst) catalytic converter
    6 = Presilencer (resonator) - not pictured on OEM exhaust but would bolt directly downstream from bank 1 TWC.
    DrFeelGood ·
    Exhaust Manifold/Catalyst replacement Part Numbers

    MFG / Part # / Desc.
    Walker 464 16413 - Manifold/TWC (bank 1, firewall side)
    Walker 464 16414 - Manifold/TWC (bank 2, bumper side)
    Eastern Catalytic EMI 40627 - Catalytic Converter (bank 1, downstream)
    Eastern Catalytic EMI 40626 - Catalytic Converter (bank 2, downstream)
    NTK NGK 22118 - O2 sensor (B1S1)
    NTK NGK 22097 - O2 sensor (B1S2)
    NTK NGK 22115 - O2 sensor (B2S1)
    NTK NGK 22100 - O2 sensor (B2S2)
    Beck Arnley 037-8102 - Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
    DENSO 673 6005 - Ignition Coils x6
    Mazda AJTT-18-110 - Spark Plugs x6 (these will be Motorcraft AGSF 22FSCM)
    Mazda 9XG0-17-32S - Exhaust Manifold Studs x12
    Mazda 9XG0-17-0602 - Exhaust Manifold Nuts: x12

    Original thread with pictures.
    DrFeelGood ·
    Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to drop a comment or question.
    My vision for Mozzie is what Mazda should have offered in the 6 wagon. Smooth and refined (which is already there) with a performance edge. The vehicle should be fully capable, meaning carry 5 and still carry a full compliment of gear while being able to go up driveways and shred corners.

    Above all, balance and functionality.

    Any and all suggestions/comments toward this goal are eagerly welcome.

    Happy Motoring.
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