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  1. Engine & Transmission
    I have a 2018 Mazda 6 sport with a custom Racing Beat axle back exhaust in excellent condition that I’m thinking of selling due to my lease ending. Its been on my car since the beginning of this year but I’ve been working from home since March so it probably has less than 3k miles on it (I only...
  2. Alright guys I know it’s very hard but has anyone tried flames from exhaust on there 6? If they did or you know it can be done with messing up too many things please let me know thanks
  3. My backup camera defaults to a straight view (which by itself is ok) but it doesn’t show the direction path where the car will go depending on where the wheels are turned. If I manually select the change view (the red icon in this view), it gives me the 360 view (helpful) but more noticeable...
  4. Electrical / HVAC
    Does anyone know which pins we should use on the mirror to tap into power? I took my dashcam out of my previous vehicle but I can't find information for my 2017 Mazda 6 GT.
  5. Earlier this year, I went on a jy spree to find Bose speakers and subs from 1st gen M6 and same year Nissans. The amp below goes to a 9" Bose sub from M6. I have the gist of the red, green and black wires, but what are orange yellow and purple for? Please be specific on color to function. I'm...
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