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Hi, posted this in the Newbie section, but no-one outside of UK understands it!!

I have a 2003 6 2.0 TS estate (from new) which I am looking to switch out for a new/nearly new model.

Should I keep my eyes peeled for a Zugara estate or go for a new Facelift TS/TS2 model? The Zugara will be cheaper to buy I reckon now, but in terms of the car itself, which is better? I hear they have improved handling etc. on the Facelift, but they also fiddled with it on the Zugara.

The 2.3L engine should be good, but I wonder how much better it is...?

Still need to check insurance difference...

(I really want an RX-8 but can't justify the petrol/oil consumption...) :tear:

Thanks in advance for any input...


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So the Zugara is based on the pre-facelift, right? In that case I'd get the facelift because they've made some nice changes to it (e.g. memory function for the seats). It's quieter, it has a 6-gearbox, minor flaws of it's predecossor have been fixed and the interiour is of a higher quality. Put a sports grill on it and it'll look great.
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