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RE-Amemiya Wide Angle Blue Tinted Mirrors

What is it?
RE-Amemiya offers a pair of wide angle, blue tinted mirrors WITHOUT the blind spot monitor. These mirrors are wider, allowing for a better field of view. Additionally, they're tinted blue, which drastically reduces glare while looking pretty snazzy. Plus JDM yo.

What's nice?
The mirrors are a perfect fit. They're the same size and shape as the OEM mirrors, if not a little curved. They're packaged nicely, such that they cannot arrive scratched. The package includes adhesive as well. Each mirror looks good, fits right, and works well. They can be had for $100 USD for the pair.

What's not nice?
Unfortunately, you do lose your mirror mounted warning light for the Blind Spot Monitor system. This is negated by the fact that the mirrors are wider. Additionally, you can turn up the chime volume through your infotainment. Additionally, I think you're supposed to remove the old mirror, but I didn't. More ahead.

Ease of install:
These weren't too bad to install. Per the shop manual, you have to move the OEM mirrors out of the way, heat them up, and peel them off. I didn't do this. I instead used the adhesive and some double sided tape. I cleaned all surfaces with rubbing alcohol first. Then, I put the tape around the edge of the new mirror, and lined up the RE-Amemiya mirror on top of the OEM mirror. After a couple of hard bumps, potholes, 100+ mph, drag racing, stops, etc, these things aren't going to shake off. If they do fall off and break, not my problem.

I recommend these for everyone without the Blind Spot Monitoring, and those who don't care for the BSM.

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