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OEM Mazda Wind Deflectors
Part number: GHK1-V3-700

What is it?
Mazda offers a variety of OEM accessories. Among them, are these wind deflectors. They reduce wind noise at all times: some with the window up, a lot with the windows down.

What's nice?
They offer a perfect OEM fitment, as any part would. They're very effective at what they do. One can have a conversation at 55mph with the windows down with no issue. I love these. They're sleek, low profile, and match the OEM chrome lining very well. They do their job, and do them well. The deflectors also have a slight tint to them. They give the windows a low-down appearance, adding to the sleekness of the car. My dad, a fellow car guy, hates typical plastic deflectors, but says these are slick and wishes he had some for his truck.

What's not nice?
They can be expensive. Some dealers will charge $400 for parts alone, before labor. In addition, they feel flimsy. They're plastic-y. They scratch stupid easy. They can be hard to clean in some areas. It's best to roll the window down and get a microfiber up there.

Ease of install:
I had the dealer install them during an oil change. It didn't take them long. From my understanding, it's not very difficult either. A DIYer could do it. I just couldn't be arsed to, and plus, it's nice to have OEM products backed by a Mazda installer.

I would highly recommend these. A subtle, but confident mod that carries with it a lot of function. I'm a big fan.


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I 2nd this review. I own the same OEM ones purchased from a Mazda Dealership in the NE coast. I had the chrome stripping left to match the factory window molding trim but painted the black plastic part white to match the color of the body. It is a unique look but definitely adds a more aggressive and sleek look to the profile. Colored also eliminates some of the scratches and fingerprints that are easy to get.

DIY installation is soooooo easy and involves placing the deflector in the window channel using attached clips and then securing with some 3m double sided tape. 5 mins per window max.
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