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Kenstyle Leather Steering Wheel

What is it?
Kenstyle is a massive aftermarket manufacturer of JDM parts that are offered as equal replacements from Japanese Mazda dealers. Among their products are two steering wheels: one wrapped in leather, and one in 'ultrasuede.'

What's nice?
I love this thing. The packaging was nice. It included a tool to help with the job. There were instructions. The wheel itself fits well and is nicely finished. The stitching is gorgeous. It feels so nice in your hands too! It has bumps for your fingers to grip at 9 and 3, and on the bottom at 5 and 7 for making parking lot turns. The grips feel so nice. The perforated leather is very breathable, and it feels good. It also has a flat bottom for that extra sporty look and grip. And when you pull it out of the package? It has that new leather scent that is to die for.

What's not nice?
This thing isn't flawless. Mine in particular had fitment issues, in that the back of the steering wheel assembly would rub the column cover. This is likely due to the wheel build tolerance being just slightly off, or the rubber that the buttons sit in not being depressed enough. Either way, with a lot of forcing and wiggling and moving, it clears without issue. Furthermore, the leather leaves a wide residue occasionally. I clean the wheel regularly and keep it conditioned, and the stuff rubs away, but something to be aware of. The leather is also sort of gray, rather than black. In the wrong lighting it's not a perfect color match to everything else, but that doesn't really matter.

Ease of install:
It's as easy as RnR'ing the old steering wheel, which is to say, not the most simple thing. There are excellent guides on the forums to look at, along with the owner's manual. Removing the air bag is the trickiest part, only because hitting those pins right while blind isn't an easy task. After that, everything does come apart fairly easy. No special tools are needed. Make sure that the air bag pins all go back in properly, or they'll pop out like mine did. Additionally, make sure you have all buttons and such pushed in properly. The guides on here will help further.

Overall, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a new steering wheel. Now that I've had it and worked out the kinks, it's a wonderful piece that really stands out in the interior.

P.S. The shitty pictures are mine, since some people don't like stock photos :p

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