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"If you ain't rubbin', you ain't dubbin'."

Eastwood Fender Roller

What is it?
Fender rolling and pulling is the act of using the above tool to roll the lip of a fender flat, and even pull or flare the fender outwards. This allows for more room under the fender to go static lower, or fit wider wheels. It is a remedy for rubbing tires.

What's nice?
You gain clearance! This is the big thing. One can gain a stupid amount of clearance without making the modification noticeable on the exterior of the vehicle. It's relatively easy to do. It's typically not very expensive (let's be honest. if you dropped two grand on wheels/tires, you can afford a few hundred dollar roll and pull). I paid $160 for my fronts to be rolled and pulled by the best guy in town. Others charge $160 for a four-wheel roll. Shop around. Rolling is easy, pulling is another story.

What's not nice?
There's no going back without replacing the fender. This is a one and done mod. If not properly cleaned prior, the dirt and grime will 'popcorn' or 'bacon' your paint. This is visible. In addition, if not properly heated, the paint will crack or even chip. Unlikely, but possible. When rolling or pulling, fender liner must be cut out since it no longer has a place to attach to. This again, there's no going back. This gap created can create a wind-whistling sound running up through the fender along the windshield. I fixed this with dynamat placement. The gap created from the fender liner means the inside of your fender will get dirty. Best to clean this whenever the wheels come off.

Ease of install:
In my opinion, it's not very easy. Careful management of paint temperature is required. Not too hot, not too cold. It's a slow, patient process. Pulling and flaring is another story entirely.

I recommend this for anyone looking to run wider-than-stock wheels, or get static dumped. I advise a professional.

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