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This review will cover all chassis bracing products, as I've installed several, and they all pretty much do the same thing anyways.

What is it?
Chassis bracing or reinforcement is the act of installing or replacing components with stronger, thicker bars, brackets, and more. The idea is to stiffen the chassis and reduce flex when cornering, braking, or accelerating. Various pieces exist to stiffen the entirety of our cars, from the front strut towers, to the rears, to both subframes, to even under the seats if that suits you (it might suit me!).

What's nice?
There are so many different parts out there in so many colors. You can get all of your suspension mods done, pick out your sway bars, and augment and adjust a little further with all of these pieces. Most come in a variety of colors. In my experience, I've had Beatrush, Ultra Racing, and Corksport reinforcement. All went in without a struggle, and the benefits were immediately noticeable, or noticeable when combined with other pieces.

What's not nice?
There are so many, you may want them all! Ultra Racing tends to be the cheapest of the above brands. The finish scratches REALLY easily, and they feel a little flimsy to me. You'll want to paint these yourself before install to prevent rust. Furthermore, some pieces sit low, reducing your ground clearance. Others don't have a noticeable effect right away.

Ease of install:
Varies. For the most part, most of these braces are a matter of supporting components, pulling bolts out, adding the piece, and putting bolts back in. Most come with instructions to help as well.

I would recommend the AutoExe, Beatrush, and Corksport pieces to anyone looking to stiffen up their ride. Their fit and finish are excellent, and they offer good variety.

(First isn't my car)


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Mazda's chassis already feels firm to me. So you're saying there is still a benefit to installing them? Or is it better to just invest in a rear sway-bar and camber plates? What would the chassis reinforcement parts work well with?
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