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It's another "Zeffer craps up the forum with useful information" thread!

As we all know, the GJ Mazda 6 is a popular car worldwide. This brings in aftermarket manufacturers from the States, Japan, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and beyond. Enthusiast hubs are all over the world, buying parts from everyone else. What we lack as a community, however, is a single, all encompassing resource to find these various parts and modifications. The thread you are currently viewing will be the main thread: a table of contents for what will be known as "The Catalog." Within the various subthreads that will be linked, you will find a list of every modification known, along with part numbers, prices, pictures, video, and a retailer, if applicable. Discussion in these threads should pertain only to the adding of products, not your personal experiences with the products. The goal is to maintain a database of information, rather than a slew of discussion threads in the various categories. If you would like to discuss your experience with a product, please direct your thoughts towards the "Product Reviews" section of the forum. This table of contents thread will be updated as the other threads are made and given content, which will take some time. I encourage you to submit products not already on the list for a thread.

Discussion within this thread should pertain to formatting, organization, suggestions on improvement, and general feedback and thoughts on the Catalog itself.

The Catalog:


Intake Systems
Exhaust Systems
Miscellaneous Engine/Drivetrain

Suspension and Chassis:

Coilovers and Air Ride
Lowering Springs
Aftermarket Shocks
Chassis Bracing, Strut Tower Bars
Chassis Bracing, Sway Bars
Chassis Bracing, Other
Brake Upgrades
Miscellaneous Suspension and Chassis


Front Lips and Bumpers
Rear Diffusers and Bumpers
Side Skirts
Spoilers and Trunks
R&R Lighting Options (Headlights, Tail lights, and Fog Lights)
Miscellaneous Exterior


Steering Wheels, Shift Knobs, and More
Miscellaneous Interior

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This is a great idea. wish we actually had the members to make this catalog take off.
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