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Quick review of the Yoko YK520, only available through Discount Tire (at least that's what I'm told). Tire is seems well suited to quick manuvers. I've got 2K miles on the tires so far and they show little signs of wear on the front even though right hand corners are fun at "squeal speed".

The tire is not as quiet as the OEM was when new, but at least as quiet as the OEM was before they were replaced. The tire has a wheel saver sidewall, which is nice since I scuffed my DM5's slightly with the OEM's.

The best thing about these tires are the wet weather performance. Most impressive to me was the light rain, which I think is the most treacherous type of rain because the oil on the street gets drawn to the surface. I slid the car once, but I was trying to. With the OEM's, stopping was a challenge at times due to the rain.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. The treadwear indicator on the tire says 520, temp A Traction A. Overall my opinion is that this tire is a great price for performance buy.
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