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Hi everyone

I have noticed a fairly steady drip after a hot day from mid of car (attached photo).

Tested the puddle with a tissue and the colour was light yellow, with a thin texture and not really any smell. Didnt seem like oil.

Took into my local garage and they tested aircon and found leak repeated. They are suggesting that Japanese cars dripping a coloured liquid like this is normal? Does anyone know if this is correct?

I would understand clear water condensate from air con being normal, but a coloured liquid? How would this clear liquid become any other colour without a coolant leak?

Thanks to all replies in advance!!

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"They are suggesting that Japanese cars dripping a coloured liquid like this is normal " - Lol, no. I've not once heard of anyone on here leaking a yellow fluid and I've been around almost 5 days a week for 11 years.

"Didnt seem like oil" - Are you certain it's not though? Did you get under the car and see where it's coming from? I've seen cars that had a super small oil leak because of an oil pan washer not behaving and it "appeared" like water on the ground. From the image, that leak is defnitely coming from the area of your pan, and if someone didn't replace the 1-time-use aluminum washer when changing the oil, it can definitely leak.
I have had a pressure sensor changed a couple of months back, maybe small leak local to that area + condensation from air con? They suggested that all liquids were at correct level on check though. Also mechs said that raising the car and putting aircon onto full blast for a while.
resulted in a similar leak, I'm hoping that if it was oil leaking they would have been able to tell...

Had to have and injector seal replaced a year ago or so as diesel began to leak into engine oil, hope I'm not seeing something similar to keep engine oil at normal level while its actually leaking 馃槂

Any idea of mazda 6 aircon condensation usually drips out in this area also?

Again thank you for the reply.
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