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The only time I have seen these done right and actually matching were when used with other XTEC bulbs...

If you can get the 4300K bulbs, they might be close, but they probably won't match as good as XTEC's 4300K...

If you are looking to get them like the OEM units, the only one worth while is probably the fog lights...

"ChicagoKid" on here has the XTEC 6000K's with some Yellow Fogs.... actually looks very good...

Here is a good shot of it....

More pictures and information here...

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There's about 15 different types. I have no idea which to get for speed 6. And how come some say low beam only, and others low and high beam? I thought these were just replacement bulbs for the fog lights?
Low beams with factory HIDs: D2S
Low beams without factory HIDs: H1

High beams: H1

Fog Lamps: H11

The high/low bulbs are for vehicles that use the same bulb for both high and low beams.
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