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I wanted to share some XGauge codes I have found and see if you guys have any others that you have found. These are working on my 2014 GT currently with my Scangauge on V-4.53

Gauge - Engine Oil Temperature (°C)
TXD - 07E0223210
RXF - C46205323610
RXD - 3010
MTH - 00010064FFD8
Name - EOT
Notes - Version 4.22+ Required

This one displays in C instead of F. I think this could be changed by changing one of the codes, but I have not looked into it much. If anyone knows how to get this converted, please share! I have also not figured out if this is a calculated value or if there is a sensor somewhere. I did not find a sensor that would pick up oil temp googling around or browsing the factory service manual. Anyone shed some light on this?

Gauge - Transmission Gear (#)
TXD - 07E0225A7A
RXF - C462055A367A
RXD - 3008
MTH - 000100010000
Name - GER
Notes - Version 4.22+ Required

This one works well while driving, park and neutral will display a code number that you can't easily attribute to a gear. You should be aware when you car is in park or neutral regardless. You can also name these whatever you want, the three letter name is just a suggestion.

Gauge - Transmission Temperature (°F)
TXD - 07E1221E1C
RXF - 0462051E061C
RXD - 3010
MTH - 000900500020
Name - GER
Notes - Not sure of exact version requirement on this one

Do you have any others you are using? If so please share!
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