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Annual inquiry, which is a longshot at best, but since it doesn't cost to ask, here goes again....

I have a lapis blue 2004 6s with the wing spoiler, looking to trade with a lapis blue trunklid that either has the lip spoiler (rare) or no spoiler at all. My Oct/2003 built car has only 6K miles on it, no winters, hand-wash/touchless only so it's in "practically new" condition - tradee should be in same. If spoiler-free, trade would also include your inside-the-car 3rd brake light for my piece that covers the hole.

Ideal recipient would be in northern New England/NY for in-person swap, otherwise logistics become nightmarish.

I'm wondering if there might be any paint matching issues, say between my car and one that might be built a year or two later - have asked about this a couple times with no response.

One of my co-workers had a brand-new lapis base 6i last year as a rental while her car was in the shop, and I'm kicking myself for not doing the commando swap while I had the chance....
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