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The Offer

4 - 16" MB Weapon Wheels

I'm wanting to TRADE these 16" MB Weapon Wheels for stock alloy wheels on a 2003 Mazda6:
Link to exact wheels: MB Weapon Rims

I bought these from Discount Tire for $449. These are pretty much brand new. They have been on her car since September 4th (about one week now). I have receipt if you want it.

The Reason
My wife destroyed 3 of her wheels while running off the road in wet weather. We can't afford stock wheels from the dealership (over $300 a piece). And refurbished rims were still in the high $200's. So, I bought her these aftermarket rims in the mean time. Now she complains daily about how "ricey" they look and that she wants her stock wheels.

I'm just trying to put the offer out there and see if anyone is interested. If your interested in pics (on the car) or if you have questions, please reply to this thread or PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts