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Let me know if you guys and/ or Gals gots any of the items I'm looking for.

1st Generation Mazda6

Clear Side markers
Glacier Silver Sharkfin antenna(the functional one, with the actual antenna built in)
Glacier Silver Eye lids
Automatic Transmission Shifter plate(mine is all scuffed, so One that is in like new condition)
Considering the Automatic Transmission Boot mod...
Driverside's arm rest(grey) Part of the doorpanel, the one to the left of the interior handel.
Altenza Badge
Flying M badges
Complete Fog Light Kit for 2008 Post facelift(with option to upgrade to HIDs, if not done so already,) the kit I have does not have this option...
Seen some with projectors, that would be a plus...

Obviously i would not be able to afford all of this at once, so let me know what you guys and/ or gals can cut me a deal of.
Best way to reach me is at [email protected]
Or just reply here but I don't check this everyday.
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