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I need both vacuum solenoids that

They are under the engine cover close to the radiator reservoir tank.

You would be a life saver! lol... they look like this

they are the ones that are broken that are two of them in the picture.

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I NEED THESE BAD BOYS!!!! The Mazda Isn't running without them :(

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Yeah it runs and starts. I found them locally used so hopefully they don't want too much for both.

I have my CEL on but idk what you mean by two or three?
The part number I saw on their diagram was 18-740 though I don't see it on the solenoid itself. I don't have pliers to take the metal off of it so it might be under the metal. The side that I can see looks like this with the following numbers.

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He means when You have it read there may be more than 1 code.

Oh okay yeah, I got 3
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