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I’m interested in 2 different wheels and need some advice on fitment and tire sizes.
Here’s my goal: 1. Upgrading the look of the wheels. 2. Minimizing wheel gap over the 19s by either using a wheel/tire combo that fills the wheel well a little more or changing wheels and tires then lowering slightly.
My mind is set on the Aodhan LS007 20x9 +30s but I want to make sure they’ll fit without any modifications and I’ll be able to lower still? I’m assuming going to a 20 with a lower profile tire will be pretty similar to stock 19s so I would have to lower to lessen gap. Second option is a 19x8.5 +35.
What tire size would I want to go with for these 2 different wheel options? It’s my daily driver so I’m not looking to go crazy and I still want good performance so I don’t want the stretched look. Roads around here aren’t the greatest but I do still want the lower profile look. This is so difficult! I’ve scoured the internet and I can’t seem to get any decent information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmmmm, I'd be leery of the 9 wide with only a +30 offset because I feel like it would be VERY close to the fender.You can always double check everything using this website: Rim & Tire Size Calculator. Custom Offsets

OEM specs are: 19x7.5 +45 on 225/45R19

I'm on 20x8.5 E+35 wrapped in 255/35/R20 and I (personally) feel like it's about as flush as you can possibly be while staying within OEM spec.

Sitting, there's room to give:

And cornering (fairly hard) there's no scraping:
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