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Car is a 2006 mazdaspeed6 with the bose speakers.....

Have a 750/1 mono JL amp pushing a JL 10 W7. I thought I wired up everything correct but apparently not. I have a feeling its the line out converter.

The sub is a single voice coil 3 ohm sub so I just hooked up positive to positive neg to neg from the sub to amp. I wired up my line out converter to my rear left speaker I spliced into the purple and pink wires and connected this to my L.O.C.

So my sub is barley hitting. The cone hardly moves back and forth. This set up should be BUMPING!! WTF!!?

Ive heard about ppl hooking it up into the bose amp? Also what about tapping in for the L.O.C. by the bose sub?

Any ideas would be greatttt!! thanks
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