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I don't know much about tires, so I was hoping someone might be able to give me some insight..

I know that the factory spec for the Mazda 6 indicates a tire size of 205/16/60 for winter tires..

A friend has an extra set of Hankook 205/55/60's kicking around that were used for 1 winter, and he wants to sell them to me. Will these fit the Mazda 6?
Thanks in advance.
First, 205/55/60 is not a recognized size, so I assume that you mistyped, and that the tires your friend wants to sell you are 205/55-16; is that correct?

Second, are you planning to mount the tires on your existing wheels in place of the tires you are running on now? Are you sure that your present wheels are 16" wheels?

If your present wheels are 16" wheels, or if you are planning to purchase a set of 16" wheels for the winter tires, then the 205/55-16s will work, provided, as Dave Coyne says, that they have a sufficient load rating. Be aware, however, that the overall diameter of your wheels/tires will be about two centimeters (about 4/5 inch) smaller than stock, so your speedometer and odometer will have about three percent error, and your effective gearing will be correspondingly lower.
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