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Anyone try the Dunlop Winter Sport M3 Tires?

I am trying to decide on a set of winter tires as well...But I have my OEM rims just sitting in my garage, that I plan to mount the winters to, rather than buy steelies and then still have a set of oem wheels in my garage...

What do you guys think the best 17" winter tire is?

Dunlop Winter Sport M3 - 215/50/R17
Blizzak REVO1 - 225/45/R17
Pirelli Winter Carving - 225/45/R17
None of the above.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSi.

Probably in the 215/55R17XL size or the 205/50R17XL size, depending whether you prefer to gear down or gear up for winter driving.

http colon slash slash nokiantires dot com slash en slash tire_hakkarsi dot aspx.
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