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Wide-bodied Touareg can hit 170mph

Frustrated Volkswagen Touraeg owners who lust after a Porsche Cayenne can take a giant leap towards supercardom with the latest tuned special from German engineers JE Design.

The wide-body Touareg, created for a customer in the Middle East but now available to the public, is based on the 4.2-litre V8 version of VW's SUV. The engine is supercharged and chipped to produce 500bhp and 443lb ft of torque. The result is shattering performance from an SUV - 0-60mph takes just 5.6sec and the Touareg will hit 170mph.

The impressive performance isn't quite matched by the looks, however - JE Design's 'wide-body' kit, including 22in wheels, doesn't really add much to the Touareg's looks. But with that performance on tap, you won't be around long enough for anyone to see you...

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