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Why is the new Mazda6 so rare???

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Seriously....I never see 2014/2015 models on the road. Once in a blue moon maybe, but nothing like the Camry or Accord. I can't figure out why Mazda hasn't taken a bigger bite out of the midsize sedan market.

I guess that's a good thing though, because I really don't want a "me too" car that you see at every intersection. Still though, it seems crazy to me that the Accord and Camry are so popular and the Mazda6 doesn't sell nearly as well.
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I live in Florida and have a new Mazda6. Both the Mazda dealerships in Ocala and Port Richey cant get enough Mazda6's. Generally seen in upper middle class areas. As I posted before, Mazda had/has limited production facliities. I believe the new Mexican plant is for Mazda2, Mazda3 and also making Toyotas. What also hurts Mazda is limited Dealerships, I have to drive about an hour to mine. As for the Mazda3, its almost always sold better than the Mazda6, maybe a lot of people buying stripper Mazda3's and saving a little money. ALSO, Mazda is a very small company. Increased Advertising would help Mazda, in 2014 Advertizing increased , but now , in our area, its down to zip---- if you cant make enough cars , you cant sell a lot. Thanks OLDVET Vietnam 50th anniversary " May we not forget".101ST Airborne.
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Finally saw a 3d gen 6 today. Bright red, very good looking car. 3's are very common around here -- much more common than 6's of all generations. Nothing outnumbers Hondas and Toyotas though.

Lol, actually the Hyundai Sonatas, Kia Optimas, and Ford Fusions abound. Love my rare car! :) the Mazda CXs are very popular :)
I've had several compliments on my Soul Red 2014 Grand Touring. Car and Driver listed the 6 in their top cars that aren't well known. They also kept the 6 at the head of their list for family sedans.
Most of my friends have BMW, they always comment on my new 6.. They love the styling and always say how nice the interior is.. Most are very surprised this car is a Mazda.. I just don't think people know this car exists.
I love TFL actually. Those guys seem to really enjoy what they do, I mean who wouldn't enjoy getting paid to test out cars and write reviews about them haha. The TFL guys really like the 2014 6 in every review but agree with us that it needs more power. I have been thinking about the power thing actually. I really just bought this car because of the styling and the fact I wanted something that got great gas mileage. I'm not sure if I would even get a tune even if one came out. Eh who knows...what I would love is to take the 6k redline off.

I don't know if you've been quoted on this yet, I haven't read the whole thread yet, but OrangeVirus and TwistedTuning both offer unlimited revision remote tuning for less than $500, they are able to increase the redline to 6500. You alss get better gas mileage in the low rpms and higher power across the entire rpm range.
Mazda is pretty small as a company. In fact, I recently read an article saying that only Subaru sold less midsize volume than Mazda. I think part of that has to do with the dealer network. You don't see many Mazda dealers in urban areas and most of the dealers have a really small footprint.

Just wish there were more 6s out there with manual transmissions and Reflex Blue paint. I settled for white, but it was a good compromise.
Surprisingly I see more of the 6 now then the new Camry. On one hand it's good to not see bland all the time but on the other hand I don't feel as special because when I bought my car in 2013 it was one of the few, if not the only 6 around.
That's because the Camry is a fancy looking toaster. No soul in most Toyota cars. People buy them for the alleged reliability.
Rhode Island is an unusual position of being a small state with two large Mazda dealers. As such, I see a comparatively healthy number of Mazdas on the road - even 6s and CX-3s (already). With that said, yes, there are going to be more Hondas and Toyotas out there, but it's fine by me.
I truly believe that the vast majority of Accord and Camry buyers are looking for an appliance. In the car world there are no better appliances than those two cars. It's been that way for over 25 years and it's not going to change anytime soon. Their buyer go from one generation to the next without even thinking about it.
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