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I know this thread is old but I work in the marketing department for an auto chain that includes a Ford dealership, and I have never, EVER heard anyone refer to the Fusion as "sexy." I think it's a perfectly fine looking and respectable car, but sexy? Nah. I'd consider it more of an old person's car, although not so much as the Taurus. I'm sad to see them go, honestly.

same could be said about the mazda wagon though

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Honestly those Fusions look amazing. I always turn my head to look at those, especially the red ones. My boss drives one, and they are SUPER nice inside, and have a lot of really nice features. And of course, the gas mileage!

But at the end of the day it's still a Ford, so I would never buy one. I want Japanese reliability. And the 6 is probably about equal to the Fusion in terms of looks, and still very luxurious. I couldn't tell you how many times my boss had to bring her Fusion into the dealership for warranty repairs, and always for electronic stuff. One time because the charging cable broke (in the first year of owning it, too).

As far as sexy goes, I might just give it to the Fusion. Though it would depend on the day.

It was true about 30 years ago if you exclude Korean cars. Now its not the case. Ford in particular is doing a fantastic job while Toyota and Honda have dropped the ball.
ROFL!!! Actually, you keep on believing that! Buying American cars is good for the economy, so it's better that you do it so I don't have to!
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