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Well I took a 2007 GT V6 MTX out for a drive from a local dealer lot. It has the sport/performance package and 57000 miles. Previously I had taken an 08 GS 4cyl MTX from a different dealer with 38,000 miles.

In comparison, the GT shifter was "notchy" (for lack of a better description) where the shifter in the GS was very smooth. Also, I found the ride quite harsh in the GT in comparison. Of course, the GT had 18" performance tires on which would cause some harshness. Also, the clutch takeup on the GT was quite sudden in comparison.

When I took the GT back to the dealer, the sales guy said "oh the difference must be the cold weather where the car has been sitting for so long because the suspension in the 4cyl GS is the same as the V6 GT."

Personally, the comment about the cold weather I think is a crock of sh%t, and I find it hard to believe that the suspension is the same.

Is there a difference in the suspension?
Why would the shifter be notchy in the GT?
Can the clutch be adjusted, or is that a sign of clutch wear?
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