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Which one you like

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I was going to get he scangauge but came across these two. Which ones do you guys like.
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Do either work with the CAN protocol? I didn't see that in the details and you will want a scanner that does.
wat is the can protocol and wat doe sit do
From the Auto Enginuity web site:

What is CAN?

CAN is short for Controller Area Network. It will be the required electrical interface for all vehicles beginning in the model year of 2008. Some vendors began using CAN exclusively in the model year of 2004 (Ford, Jaguar, and Mazda). While other manufacturers implemented it selectively in their vehicles beginning in the 2004 model year (Mercedes, Porsche, SAAB, and Toyota for example).

Only scanners that support the CAN protocol will work with our cars.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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