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Where'd you get your all weathers?

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I've been trying to track down a set of all weather mats before the snow really starts to hit hard, but been having a hard time. Last I checked with the dealerships here (theres 3 in Calgary) they didn't have any in stock.

I checked with, but they wanted $130 for shipping to Canada (almost triple the price of the mats themselves), and the other online places never returned my emails.

I found a guy selling some on ebay, but he was quite adamant in saying they'll only fit 03' - 05' (I have an 06'), but that he'd ship them for $25 US.

Anyone else have some ideas ?
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mmm. . . that's though, I'd still say the best bet is the dealer, just ask them to order it. When I order things from my dealer even odd ball parts that have to come from Japan the most I have ever waited was 2 weeks.

I'm not sure where in western Canada you are but from Calgary I expect you to wait about 3-4 days. But if there are only 3 you might want to order than ASAP.

A member who works at Mazda Canada's head office was having trouble tracking some down for himself so order these wherever you can.
I just bought a set of Michelin Extreme winter mats from CT ...
$65.00, shipped. Yes, even to Canada.

Or you can go with the ebay ones. They are the same.
I ordered mine from tirerack and had them delivered to a US installer close to the border. That may not work you depending on your location of course.
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