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Where are u guys~??

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OMG~!? is there no asian.... i mean ppl live in asia own a 6 or wut....? this place is empty (o_O) !!!
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ya, is it for Asians or just for everybody?
from what i know, i think there's an active mazda club in the philippines, and they meet often. but i dont know about it now, coz i already moved here in CA.
It is not true that Asian couldnt speak nor cant read English, not from where i come from. I believe that there are some that couldnt but you cant always generalize Asians in particular.

I am from the Philippines, i can speak both our National Language "Tagalog" as well as English as you can see, and i can also speak a little of Spanish and some of our Country's dialect, so dont dare to judge :nana:

Asians are the most versatile individual as far as I am concern.
1 - 3 of 73 Posts
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