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Where are u guys~??

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OMG~!? is there no asian.... i mean ppl live in asia own a 6 or wut....? this place is empty (o_O) !!!
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I know 好 = good. But what is 车? Sorry, I can't read simplified Chinese nor can I speak mandarin. I'm Chinese tho. :/ My mother tongue is Cantonese.[/b]
车 is simplified for 車.
大 囉 友, 兩 邊 走.
我 有 個 大 屎 忽.
Chinese Mazda 6:

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It is surreal seeing homer simpson speak in chinese.[/b]
He sorta spoke Chinese at the end of that episode where he joins the Navy. Though I don't think that's actual Chinese because I couldn't recognize any of it.
That's not an actual Mazda 6. It's made by a Chinese company. The car is based on the 6 but with bits and pieces changed, but you can see from the interior picture that some things are almost identical to the 6 like steering wheel and center stack excluding the vents.
1 - 5 of 73 Posts
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