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Where are u guys~??

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OMG~!? is there no asian.... i mean ppl live in asia own a 6 or wut....? this place is empty (o_O) !!!
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well...I'm a Georgia *******...... :nana:

*Plays the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song :D But cant speak their Language...wait........I take that Back......Toyota!!.....and Godzilla!.... <------sorry I know that was lame!! ahahha :sarc:
And I am 日本人 and Americano。someone else tried 中文, lessee if Japanese works!!

Actually, I'm stuck in Shiga, Japan. Own a 2005 Red Atenza Sport 2.3L w/Mazdaspeed bucket seats. Anyone else, anyone????? Save me from this forsaken place full of idiot, stupid and a-hole drivers.... and the crappy roads (why the hell does everyone want to slam their cars with such crappy roads??).

sorry guys, I'm too busy to post pics and create a sig.... but this site and the Mazda forums keep me sane....
1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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