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Where are u guys~??

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OMG~!? is there no asian.... i mean ppl live in asia own a 6 or wut....? this place is empty (o_O) !!!
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Because most Asian can't read English that's why. Same thing as you wouldn't go on a Japanese Atenza website. Maybe you actually would but probably you are not going to post.
Hong Kong Version? OMFG!!! I can read it! lol...

:wstupid: :p

:) Its nice being able to put some asian language here.. since well, this is the asian section :p[/b]
I know 好 = good. But what is 车? Sorry, I can't read simplified Chinese nor can I speak mandarin. I'm Chinese tho. :/ My mother tongue is Cantonese.
Actually, English has become the 2nd offical language in China. Where to you thing McDonald's toys are made? Many big industries have established a manufacturing plant out their because of cheap labor. All the instuctions,manual, services to those machines are in English. large portion of 30 and under know their English well enough. You be surprised.[/b]
I know most people in some places like Malaysia, Singapore can speak proper English. But that's not the case in China. The average education level of residences is low and the whole process is going slow as well due to the huge gap between rich and poor. In some provinces in the west or some areas on the mountains, you can't even imagine how people live in such a bad enviroment.

Crime rate is high in cities, beggers are everywhere, pickpockets are everywhere and theives are everywhere. I don't feel safe at all walking on the streets of ZhunChen or GuangZhou, people looked at me like I'm an alien, carrying million dollars of cash. If the situation is not improved, I'm a bit worried about the Olympic Games in 2008.

However, some highly develop cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai are exception. I was borned in Hong Kong so I know that place very well. It was a colony of British empire and thanks them making Hong Kong to be such a city of prosperity. Unfortunately, things seem to be changed after 1997 which is when China took the "fat meat" back from UK's hand. Looks like there's a lot of problems like large gap in salaries, high living cost, employment, large health care burden caused by the people from mainland China arise in the city righ now. My family know that it'd never be the same as before so they decided to move. Amen and good luck Hong Kong residences.
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1 - 6 of 73 Posts
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