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Where are u guys~??

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OMG~!? is there no asian.... i mean ppl live in asia own a 6 or wut....? this place is empty (o_O) !!!
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Talaga. +1 on what sexy.sergeant said. Most old people in the Philippines speaks fluent English. I was surprised when this old man talks with this other guy in English.[/b]
I was born in the Phillipines. They start teaching English at a very early age there. Also, a good number of American TV shows make it to TV there.

Heck, I grew up watching Battlestar Galactica, the Cosby Show, GI Joe, Transformers, etc.

Hmm...I gotta look up this Phillipine Mazda 6 club when I go back for vacation next year.
i live in HK and i have a wagon. but truth is there aren't enough # of 6-enthusiasts to form a 'community' per se.

when i visit mainland china (shenzhen / guangzhou mainly), i've seen nicely modded ones but have also seen some really fugly modded ones.
and yes, i guess ppl rarely check this board out because its not famous out here. i know about this board coz i used to look at it back when i was living in US. when i was in US i actually owned a VW (and of course an enthusiast of it). it's been almost 2 years since i've owned my 6, and been too lazy to do anything to it, primarily because i've had too many issues with it... went thru 4 sets of rotors in 1st year, 2nd set of lower control arms in a year, just had rear shocks replaced, etc. etc. - think i picked up the less perfect car.[/b]
So what Chinese or Asian Mazda 6/Atenza forums are out there? Are there any that you frequent? I'm curious to check out what's happen there. Even if I don't understand them, I can at least browse through photos. I'm aware of and that's about it.
1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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