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I have noticed more front end hop/floating up with eibach than with stock springs, when hard accelerating.
I dunno if this is correct..... lets say the eibach lowerd 1.6 inch front, which will also shorten the stock shocks travel 1.6 in. Therefore, when hard accelerating.... the shocks have 1.6 inch more(+the hopping that the stock seting already had, lets assumed 1 inch) to stretch?

but with already shorten aftermarket shocks, (ie coilovers) they have way less shock travel for them to hop up. Will this helps wheel hop or better acceleration feel? cuz i feel less hopping with coilovers.

since konis r the same length with stock. Will stiffer dampen helps? If not, i guess the hopping will be the same with konis and aftermartket springs combo.
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