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What's your Mazda 6 story ?

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I think it was the winter of 2011 when I had to visit Las Vegas for a conference. The rental car agency had a choice of Elantra and Mazda 3 for me. I had never driven a Mazda in my life, so I chose the Mazda. The interiors were typical hard plastic econobox, and everything I touched and felt seemed rough and hard. Then as I pulled out of the rental car parking and on to the streets of vegas, I immediately noticed how quick the steering rack was. It was almost sports car like, every minute steering input evoked an instant reaction from the car. I just loved it !

A couple of days later we made a trip to the mojave desert. I don’t exactly recall what roads we took, but it was windy, twisty with plenty of elevation changes and miles of no traffic ! I distinctly remember driving through the desert roads at pretty ridiculous speeds and i thought more than once i was going to lose control of the car, but no matter what speed i carried into a corner, the car came out of it with minimal drama ! How hard was i on the car ? With 80% highway driving I was averaging teens to low 20s gas mileage >:)

Usually I am relieved when i turn over the keys of a rental car, but this time i was actually quite sad that my holiday romance with Mazda was coming to an end. I have since driven a 2011-2012 Mazda 3s on 4 different occasions only to confirm that it was indeed a good handling car with ample feedback and not just my imagination.

Fast forward 5 years when it was time to change cars, i just knew it had to be a Mazda. I am not a fan boy, so i did drive the competitors cars, and each one of them had their strong points and none of them were bad. But the Mazda 6 was that 1% car in the segment. Meaning 99% of the time there is little difference between the 6 and competition, but it is when you go for that last 1% that the Mazda 6 shines. It drives stiff, the steering is heavy and has feel (*more of it later), the body has better control and the interiors are more sophisticated ( not calling it superior because i think both the Accord and Fusion in highest trims have equally good quality materials and finish).

So in Jan 2016 I turned my holiday fling into a marriage when I bought a 2016 M6 GT. And as I get to know the car better, there are things that i love and there are things about the car i wish were different. But it still stands out of the crowd, and it still puts a smile on my face each time i take an exit at a higher speed than what the limit suggests. I love the interiors, some of my friends with Audis and Lexus have complimented how good the car looks and feels inside.

That said when i look compare my experience with 2012 Mazda 3, I feel the gen 3.5 Mazda 6 lacks some "feel" . The steering though heavy, isn’t as quick nor precise as the old Mazda 3. But it’s the overall feedback from the car which i think is lacking compared to the 3 which is a tad disappointing. I recently had a chance to drive on some rural twisties of Pennsylvania, and even at pretty sane speeds of <50 mph, the car has plenty of understeer. Then there are the brakes, all it takes is few miles of hard driving for the brakes to fade. I just couldn’t push the car without feeling uncomfortable. The front feels like it is trying to wash away under braking. Then ofcourse there is the known lack of power below 3000 rpm and a pretty thin torque band, so you constantly need to keep the revs up if you have to carry some speed.

Maybe I am expecting too much from what Is an economy car, but I constantly compare my experience with the last generation Mazda3 and somehow set my expectation much higher. I don’t regret my decision one bit, I still think it is the best car in its segment. I have plans for strut braces and better tires soon ( the 19in dunlops are rubbish for more reasons than one! ), and hopefully better brakes in future. Overall, it is still a fantastic car, but it has thought me a very important lesson, if you need a performance car that can be a daily driver, then get a Golf R/GTI/FocusST or RS, but if you need a daily driver that is economical to buy and own but has a little oomph, then keep your expectations in check and buy a Mazda. Zoom Zoom !
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I ended up getting my Mazda whenever I wasn't able to pass for inspection with my old Chevy Cavalier. The back bumper was completely rusted out to the point you could stick a pen though it.

Only had 3 days left before inspection ran out, so I needed a car fast. Lucky for me an 2004 Mazda 6 was available to buy and fell in love with it the moment I got to test drive it.

Never looked back after buying it, and would totally buy another Mazda once this car craps out on me.
My story is a short one but spans a few decades. The first Mazda I drove was a Mazda 626 that my dad owned in the 1980's. It was a very nice car. A few years later, I was stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan and purchased a used Mazda Capella. I'm pretty sure that it was the Japanese version of the 626. It was a pretty nice car too but it was an older one and didn't last long. Fast forward to the early 2000's. I'm a civilian living in Central Florida. My wife and I needed a second vehicle and we picked up a used Mazda B2000. It wasn't as nice as the cars but it was a good work vehicle for us.

Finally, in 2017 I buy a new Mazda 6. Why it took me so long, I don't know. Every experience I had with Mazda prior to finally buying a new one was a good experience. I'm really enjoying my new car and plan to keep it for a very long time. And unless something drastic happens, I will most likely stay with Mazda from now on.
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Cool, I was stationed at Camp Zama (one of the few AF on Garrison) We had a Mazda Familia (323)
6 Story is easy. Wife needed a replacement for her Escape. She loves the wagon, though she hasn't driven it much. I'm still working through the used car checklist before I'll let her take it to far.
For me, it started back in 2006, when my parents purchased a fully loaded, black Mazda 6S GT. I was 16 years old at the time, and I can recall the first time I rode in that car; I thought it was a very sharp looking car and I was very impressed by both the exterior and interior. I remember thinking to myself that this was the kind of car that I wanted to own when I had the money to buy a car.

As the years went by, my mom decided to keep her car, and my dad bought it out for her. I can recall learning to drive in the Mazda 6, going through my license tiers. At the time, I was in post-secondary, so, I was still taking the bus. I really had no need for a car, but, I still had a love affair with the Mazda 6.

When I graduated post secondary, my mom still had her Mazda 6. I, on the other hand, was still using the bus to get to and from work. After about a year of this, my parents approached me and asked me if I was interested in taking the Mazda off their hands, cause my mom finally wanted a new vehicle. They had just done some work on it, and replaced a few parts, so the car was in very good shape, and only had 86000 KM on the odometer. Without skipping a beat, I accepted, and my parents signed the car over to me as a gift.

This October, it will be two years since I took ownership of my 2006 Mazda 6 In the years that I have owned it, the car has been very reliable. I know the day will come when I will have to part ways with my Mazda 6, and I am dreading that day. Until them, I love every minute I drive this car.
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Remember the small pickup trucks of the late-1980's....Mitzubishi, Isuzu? Well Mazda was in that era with their new B-Series pickup.

I was driving my Dad's Delorean in high school. Yeah...yeah...did it have a Flux Capacitor, what happens at 88MPH, etc. I've heard it all. We still have the car.

When I graduated high school my Dad bought me a 1989 Mazda B2200 pickup truck regular cab. Had the 2.2L 4 cylinder, they also had a B2600 (2.6L) extended cab but didn't like the look of it (actually wish I had got that one later).

I removed that huge sport sticker on the sides, ditched the bench seat in favor of the Mazda B2600 buckets, changed the instrument cluster to the one with the tach / oil pressure / battery, etc. (also rolled back the mileage from 26,000 to 9,000 (it was analog at the time), I added two Sony 100W amps, two 8" Bazooka tubes behind the seats, 6.5's on both doors, 4" mids / tweeters in the stock dash locations, Kenwood head unit, put meaty 16" rims with 245-50-16's all the way around.

I wound up trading the Mazda truck in on a 1991 Mustang LX 5.0L Hatch with porno red interior in 1992. The mods started to flow on that car too.

Got married and bought the wife 1994 Mustang GT (was a show car winner, sold in 2008), Ford Explorer Limited 5.0L, two Nissan vehicles-2002 Altima then a 2005 Quest. Both were horrible and wished I bought Mazda's instead so in 2009 that's what I did. At the time I had a 2007 Mustang GT in chrome yellow and I traded it for a Mazda 3 (no payments). I drove it, my wife drove and recently my son drove it. Had 160,000 miles on it before we traded it in May for my son's Jetta (Graduation Present).

In February of 2017 I bought a Mazda CX-9 Grand touring for myself and then two weeks ago we bought a Mazda 6 Grand Touring for the wife.

We both couldn't be happier that we're back in Mazda's. Now my son wants to trade is Jetta in for a Mazda CX-3.
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In spring/summer of 2013, I was looking for a fuel efficient car to drive around 60K km (38K miles) annually up and down straight boring highways. Originally started looking for smaller cars and tested pretty much everything in the 3 size and was thinking the 3 was just what I needed until I rented one and drove it on a 4 hour trip. This convinced me I wanted a roomier seating position for the 8 hour trips being made each week. Started checking 6 sized cars and found most did not have the seating position and leg room width I was looking for but the new 2014 Mazda6 did and the models were listed as great mileage for the size (same as most 3 sized). Worked out the math and the improved fuel economy made it cheaper to buy a new model than a 2 year old used car after driving 200K km. The great look and sporty drive in the city was also a big plus so a GS was going to be the one to buy until a salesman showed me the MRCC adaptive cruise in a GT with tech in a dealer demo car (9500Km on it and a $$ discount). Picked up a set of 17" OEM take off rims from a GS 6 for the ICE X3 winter tires and between the 19" for the summer. Still very happy with the car after 4 years and 160K km (100K miles) even happier since annual mileage has been reduced to 45K km. Tracking every fill up since purchase on shows a great average mileage since purchase which includes all the city driving and the warm up idle time during the winter months and a usual speed of 122kph (75mph) on the highway at 7.1L/100km or 33mpg (US). For mods I have added the Baja Designs Stealth 10" LEDs in the grill for night driving and Megen racing rear camber arms and rear toe links to better control the rear tire wear. The factory camber arms and toe links are not adjustable and the inside edge of the rears were wearing away too fast for my liking.
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My first car was a 1999 Mazda Millenia. Bought it used in 2007. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I was so happy that I posted like 20 pictures of it on myspace, and suddenly, all of my friends wanted a ride somewhere, which at the time I was more than happy to provide.
Fast forward to 2014, I got the 2015 Mazda 6 Touring with MT. Now waiting for the M6 Speed to come out.
I have long Mazda story. I was big Civic fan. Then my bro bought 92 protege and I kind of liked it. In 1998 I tested Corolla, Civic and Protege and Protege won on power and ride composure. I still had that car when in 2010 I shopped this trio again and Mazda3 won me over hands down. 5 years later I decided to sell Protege (for safety concerns) and to get newer used car. After doing some thinking about it, why not just buy another '3? So I've got 2010 to add to my 2011. I did this because in reality, I had fairly good experience with Protege. I DIY most of work and it counted to $350 per year including all expenses. This is nothing. In fact, right now, I think, my 2011 is about $150 per year. This year I am adding another car and I decided to check around. I like hatches, so, Jeep Renegade (I still like it irrationally), Mini Clubman, Civic Sport Hatch, Elantra Sport/Civic Si (oops -not a hatch). Then Accord Sport. All MT. I need to like a car about 90-95% to agree to it. All these never got close to that. Mazda6 did so here we go - I have Mazda6 sport MT.
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