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what to do after replacing PCV valve due to sucking oil

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OK so my 06 v6 has been chugging oil like a highschool kid at a kegger. I ordered the right PCV valve and am wondering if I should do any other cleaning of the intake etc? Or would some lucus cleaner/additive do the job? I know some added seafoam to the crankcase and gas tank? Ideas?
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Thanks Karl, so I know the crankcase is where the oil came from in the first place:boobs:, but I was thinking of just a through and through cleaning.
I saw at the dealership they offered a intake manifold flush that was suppost to take care of the runners and intake valve, but also had some kind of fuel additive that had the same description minus the runners... thought it was interesting but didnt ask what they charged... They also said that 1000 mi a quart is normal?! I got a catch can over the weekend to install inline with the valve just to keep it all outta my intake and give me an idea how much to fill!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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