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Hi those of you that ordered a Mazda6 in the USA,

When placing your order:

Do you end up actually sitting with the dealer clicking your choices away on their computer systems ?

Do you end up signing financing papers, final purchase contracts as well ?

Does the dealer guarantee a delivery date ? How accurate are the ETA ? Has the delivery kept up with it ?

Does the dealer put down in paper the agreed upon price upto the last dollar ? Are there deviations when you finally pick up the car ?

What amount of deposits have you guys typically paid ?

Do you sign any deposit related contracts ? Any terms and conditions that they make you aware of ?

I would also appreciate other suggestions, advice and comments as well. Thanks.


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i ordered mine march 15th. i sat down and picked which option group was closest to what i wanted. the price was worked out between the salesman and the manager. i did not finance, it is a cash purchase, so i just left a 500 deposit on the order and signed the purchase agreement.
as of now, i don't have a vin, but mazda has accepted the order. my delivery date was put at 90 days +/- 10. so around mid june

my only advice is that if you have an idea of what you want going in, no matter what the time frame is, wait to get what you want. you should't have to pay for equipment that you don't want on your car.

hope this helps was my first car purchase so i don't have much experience with this
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