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What do you guys do for fun?

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What do you guys do for fun when you are not at work?:)
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seeing how you posted this way in May last year, and it's only now that someone like me is replying tells you pretty much, that work takes a big part of our lives ;)

I don't know about the rest. But here in Singapore, there's a local M6 club/forum. We meet up pretty regularly and just chill together, talk cars and modifications, share tips on what workshops to go, or just admire each other's cars.

It normally ends with us driving off together in a group (rounding, we call it) and cruise about, stopping at different places for a quick coffee before moving off again :)

There are some of us who drive out of Singapore, and head up to Malaysia, where there are 2 race tracks. The newer one is Sepang, where Formula 1 races are held.

The track enthusiasts will drive up (about 300km) for a 3 hour session, which costs about US$70. Then we speed back home after that.

But it's a bit lame for the 6 to go on track, cause the models here are AT. They didn't bring in the MT.

I don't know of anyone else, who's done that, except for myself. Maybe there are others I don't know of.

Am looking for a 6 speed MT to transplant into my car now ;)
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Reading Topic: What do you guys do for fun?

no MT likely to come from the distributors or parallel importers.
am trying to source from japanese scrapyards for MT to swap.
keeping fingers crossed, but who knows how long that will take.
Reading Topic: What do you guys do for fun?

must be driven up by my exhaust blowing dust in your face :p
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