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Hey guys,

I am new here and just had a quick question. I just bought a 2005 Mazda6 I Sport (is that the proper name?) last week and am anxiously awaiting the AuxMod Basic to get back in stock so I can get my Creative Zen Vision :M plugged into the HU and start enjoying my music and podcasts again. In an effort to get ready for the big installation day I wanted to ask you guys where you ran your headphone jack or cable to. Would any of you be so kind as to post pictures of what you have done with the connector you use for your AuxMod Basic?

I am considering the following options and am hoping you can give me suggestions and part numbers for the proper cables to use:

1. Mount a headphone jack on the blank cover where the tape unit would go.

2. Run a cable with a jack on the end into the center concole, so the ZVM could be powered and plugged into the AuxMod at the same time.

3. Mounted in map pocket or glove compartment?

Should I try to mount a jack on one of these surfaces? Or just let a cable with a headphone connector run to one of the compartments?

I am open to all suggestions and am hoping someone will recommend a setup that works for you guys. Any pointers you could give me to proper cables to use would be appreciated as well..



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I wanted to ask you guys where you ran your headphone jack or cable to.[/b]
First decide where you want to mount/store/place your audio player, then figure out how to route the cable from that location. Obviously if you plan to store your player in the top dashboard bin, then running the cable to the armrest console does you no good.

That being said, the installation mentioned above looks really good if you use the dashboard bin. Others have used the cupholder area. I mounted my XM radio near the ashtray, and I have an iPod in the top tray of the armrest console, which are two more possible mounting locations.

The Auxmod audio cable runs from the HU to the ashtray (all behind the dash), and pops out here:

My iPod audio cable runs beneath the center console, cupholders, etc. and pops up through the bottom of the armrest:
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