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I'd like to see if anybody with a SPEED6 in the Portland, OR area is interested and available to drop their car off for a maximum of a few days to prototype a new TMIC. This TMIC will be using a 3.5" thick Bar And Plate Core and will be a bolt on. The stock Ram Air System Will be utilized. The sooner we have a car the faster we can release this product! The willing candidate will be compensated for their time and trouble. A before and after dyno will be provided within a week after the prototype is done.

Please take a look at this thread for our customer service and product feedback as well as the actual product that we currently offer for the Mazdaspeed Protege:

If you'd like to read through more feedback just perform a search on that forum with the string CustomMSP

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that you might have.

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