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Hello every one. I’m new to the forum world so any advice would be encouraged and most helpful.

My name is Trish; I work for a dealership in Kirkland Washington, Lee Johnson Chevrolet, Mazda, and KIA. What my jobs here at the dealership are internet and wholesale development, but the bottom line is I’m a parts guy. My personal interests are Drag racing and classic cars, so I guess you can say my whole world is automobiles

I would like to offer to all my brand new forum friends a couple of different coupons to be used on my web site The first coupon is $10.00 off any order $100.00 or more, the next choice is $20.00 off any order $200.00 or more and last but not least $30.00 off any order over $300.00.

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Hey Trish

The coupon codes arent working.

Also, I'm in need of two new drive shafts (half shafts) for my 2003 mazda 6 3.0 v6 MTX. The question I have is what are the differences?

Axle assy, mazda6, 3.0l, manual trans, right
03-05 $295.19 $85.00 $203.64

Axle assy, mazda6, 3.0l, manual trans, left
03-05 $336.36 $85.00 $232.04
03-05 $295.19 $85.00 $203.64
03-05 $448.44 $85.00 $309.36


Half-shaft, mazda6, 3.0l, manual trans
03-07 $339.16 $233.97

Basically what is the difference between the different descriptions: axle assembly, drive shaft, and the half shaft? So many to choose from, but they all seem the same but with big price differences.

And what about the core charges if applicable? Do they need to be OEM drive axles?

Currently my car just had some cheap crappy GSP axles put in. Only four weeks past and they already click under extreme turning radius. Even tho they have lifetime warranties, I dont like the fact they seem this cheap and failed so quickly.

Oh, and part numbers would be great also!

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