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Hello everyone!

I've been having a weird problem with the AUX mode on my radio lately. My car is a 2009 GT with the Bose system (without nav).

Every now and then, I start my car and the AUX mode on the radio simply stops working for no apparent reason. Say the radio is on the "CD" mode, if I push the AUX button in the center, it doesn't do anything, doesn't even show "AUX" on the display, it stays on "CD"... If I try to use the MODE button on the steering, it cycles through all the modes but the AUX mode doesn't appear either. It's like it was just deleted from the system!

Also, I noticed that the bluetooth mode also disappears at the same time. My Ipod can no longer detect my car and if I try to cycle through all the radio settings with the round button on the right (Bass, Treble, AudioPilot, etc..), the "BT SETUP" option is also gone... What the hell is happening??:huh: :confused:

Turning off the car or the radio doesn't help at all. The only way I found to resolve the problem is to unplug the car battery and plug it back again, and then it comes back, until it does it again...(happened like 3 times in the last 3 months...). And its a major PITA to set all the radio presets everytime after unplugging the battery...:mad:

Haven't been to the dealer yet with this issue but sure will next time i'm due for an oil change.

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