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Brother and wife decided to pack-up and move permanently to their place in Estes Park, Colorado, after a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's. Last thing you want in 14" snowfall is a low clearance sedan. I ended-up buying their 2011 Mercedes C300 Sport 4Matic with AMG options ticked. They've owned it since new, buying it out of Arizona to get the package they wanted. Only 44k miles when I got it. Babied its entire life. Never seen snow. Taken to dealer if someone even farted in it. I've had it just at a year, and really liking the car. The 6 will likely be going away soon.

This cracks me up... Insurance wants $90/mo for my 15 yr old Mazda6 wagon. The Mercedes is $60/mo for same coverage.
s is $60/mo for same coverage.
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