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Like I said in the other thread good shit and thanks for doing it.
Thx man. It was fun

good work man. too abd we didnt have anyone drive with you for vid on the hwy's. the drivin was fun
I agree, thats all the video was really missing.

Cool vid...this seems like your first time editing -- so a couple of tips

-Don't Use the built in windows movie editor, try Pinnacle, its pretty easy and does a MUCH better job
-Music overlays all sound, once again something that can't be controlled through the windows crap
-You have to make the cuts A LOT shorter, there was way too much fluff in there, the vid should've only been like 1 - 2mins long
-Titles and Transitions

But other than that looking good :) -- Next time you want to host a vid, let me know and I'll get it up ;)
Yep first time.

Is Pinnacle free?

I wish I was able to do both sound and music, not just one.

If the vid was only 1-2mins long, I would not have made it.

Thx for the tips

Nice piece of work, man. Yeah, we definately needed some of the highway shots. Maybe next time.
Thx, I think next time I am going to bring a friend to help me.
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