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Here's the deal - I'm sold on the V6 MT but absolutely can not find the one I want in the Portland (Oregon) Metro area. It seems that leather, sport, sunroof, and comfort packages are a very popular combo and I would be happy with a 6s spec'd like this. My question is that since this seems to be a popular option pack, do you think I should be able to get a good deal if I ordered it? (I am willing to wait) I hate to sound cheap but I refuse to pay MSRP for this car! I guess my thinking is that since this is a common option pack for the V6 MT it won't be as "rare" as a true custom order thereby giving me some bargaining room (I hope)...

P.S. - This is my first time on this board and it seems that a lot of the posts come from people east of the Rockies. I have only seen 2 Mazda 6's on the road here in Oregon, anybody else think they are selling slowly out here?

P.P.S. - I think the MSRP for a 6s MT with these options is about $24,400. Do you think that asking $23,500 would be fair? should I go lower? Like I said, I'm willing to wait and drive to every dealer within a 100 mile radius

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One simple solution: Go to, build the car you want, and Edmunds gives you the invoice, "True Market Value," and MSRP for the vehicle. For example, in my area MSRP = $24,260, Invoice = $22,091, "TMV" = $23,646 in my area for the car you describe. There is a "regional adjustment" built into the TMV, but in my case it was only about $100.

By the way, according to MUSA's online inventory, there are eight 6s/MT combos, six with leather, within 10 miles of my house here in Denver. Dunno how up-to-date the inventory lists are, but if anyone is desperate...
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