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- Listen to the engine with the hood up both from a cold start and when fully warmed up. Shouldn't be any odd noises except for fuel injector tick

- Peek inside through the oil filler neck. Whatever you see should be clean. Look inside the oil cap and smell it.

- Brakes should look smooth. Score Marks inside the rotor indicate aggressive driving

- inspect tires. Work outer edges indicate hard cornering. Ensure tire wear is even to rule out possibility of worn suspension or bad alignment.

- drive over a speed bump. Suspension should feel tight and not make any sounds.

-paint should feel waxy smooth to the touch, not gritty at all.

- look for excess build up on the exhaust tips which may indicate rich fuel mixture or oil consumption

- shift into all the gears. Should be smooth doing from drive, reverse park etc. Manual transmission shouldn't be grinding.

-smell the exhaust during cold start. Strong smell of fuel could indicate injector problem. Oil smell could mean excess consumption

-very closely inspect all body panels. They should all match in colour tone. Look for overspray inside the engine bay and door sills. Closely check all panel gaps with your finger to ensure consistency.
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