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This guide is for making a USB cable that will allow you to use the stock USB in the armrest in the 2014~2015 model years.

1. Get a USB A Male to A Male cable as shown and make sure it is 1:1 straight through on both side. 6ft or 2 Meters should be a good length.

2a. Grind away the metal edge and some of the black plastic as highlighted or...

2b . Grind off the entire black plastic molding and you should end up with something like below which would make grinding easier. There should be wires connected to the USB but I forgot to take a picture.

3. Should end up with something similar below and heat shrink.

4. On the back of the USB/AUX module. Slightly lift up the 4 metal tabs with a pin or sharp screw driver. Careful not to lift too much or the tabs might break.

5. Plug in and route the USB cable somewhere.

Now you don't have to dig through you glove box to find the extension cable.
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