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Hey Mazda Fam. Need some help and suggestions for giving my 2005 mazda a fresh accessorised look! Exterior & internal mods. nothing crazy with the engine. Just here for the looks I'm not a racer. BTW its a RHD, im from Jamaica!


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Hey from the USA!!!

Welcome to the forum. There's lots of things you can do with the 1st generation to make it look even better. Personally, I'd start with removing your door guards (the rubber part going horizontally across the center). They're held on with some very sticky glue, but nothing more. Only thing to note is that, if the car has been painted in the past or spent a lot of time in the sun, the color behind the guards might not be the same.

You could also look into tinting the tail lights, getting new rims, and adding some color to the interior!

Here's my old 2004 that I used to own, hopefully it gives you some ideas :)
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