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*Updated 2004 6i*

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*Young6er's 2004 6i*

Hi Im Corey,Here is my 04 Mazda 6i Not much is done to it,its kind of hard to do things to your car when you work 4 hours a week.The Car Was Bought Brand New in 04 but I have been working on i since 07 very slowly.My first Mod was 2 12 CVRs with a zx750 which is know gone. I did not know much about Car audio then. I have learned a lot From videos and forums. Since i do not have much money to spare and cannot buy anything,i at least keep it very clean At Least Five hours of detail everytime. Hopefully in time my car will become what i want it to. I am Very Proud Of my 6 I love showing civics whose boss. Let me know your opinions and suggestions
-Removed Door Guards
-Clear Side Markers
-Nextmod Grill
-Chrome Turn Signals Bulbs Front And Back
-Vled Super White Reverse Led
-Vled SMT Super White Led in License Plate
-Removed Pin Stripe
-Rear LED Reflectors
-Short Y Antenna
-Open Exhaust

-Stock Rotors Resurfaced(Slotted In Future)
-Posi-Quiet Ceramic Pads All Around

-DDM Tuning 55watt 8k HIDs In Low Beams
-DDM Tuning 55watt 8k HIDs In Integrated Fogs
-Anti Glare Mod
-Low Beams Pointed Up
-Fogs Pointed Down

-VLed SMT Super White Leds In All Domes and Doors
-White Led Strips under Dash
-Red Led Cup holder
-28inch White LED Strip

-Dynamat In Door and Trunk
-Rockford Fosgate T1652 In rear Doors
-Rockford Fosgate P14652-s Components In Front Doors
-Alpine CDE-102
-Pac Swi-Jack

My Future Plans:
-Br Front Lip
-Megan Springs
-Racing beat Front And Rear Sway bar
-Megan H Brace
-Custom Exhaust
-Fi BTL 12 (With White Fi Symbol)
-Big 3
-XS power 14 Volt battery
-Sundown Audio SAZ-2500D
-Custom Box tuned to 34 Hz
-Tan And Black Leather Seats
-Black Carpet
-Second Layer Of Sound deadening In Doors (Damplifier Pro)
-Paint Engine Cover
Paint Calipers Black

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I have not been on here for about a year,Here are some updates and whats been going on.
My Fi Btl

Color Matched Engine Cover And fuse box

Little photo-shoot i Did

A little update on things, I recently have been fixing things on the 6 that i had broken when i first start moding. I broke things because i was a rookie and wasnt very careful.I had broken the Rear covers for the headlights to get to the fogs and day lights,which unfortunantly cost 40 bucks each i also had to repalce the courtesy light cover that fell off and where droven over. This tiny thing cost 40 bucks as well,The dealer really know how to juice you of your money.

I Have Been Biulding My sytem here are some more parts to it.My box is Done I have never painted or worked with MDF before so it was a learning experiance painting it.But i am happy with results.

my Amp Also Came with make me happy because i am one step closer to be up and bumping. It Is Audioque 2200 and the rated power on it is 2260,Man is she pretty.

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