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Hi, all

Sorry about my written english, but I`m a portuguese cityzen who lives in Portugal, and I need some advice for changing my mazda 6 sw(2009) tyres, which are 225/45 R18 91w Dunlop SP Sport 01 to a new one´s.

When I bought my mazda 6, 8 months ago, I wonder if Dunlop Tyres were the brand tyres of the car in 2009, so I ask you for an advice for a new tyres considering security and mileage.

I like Dunlop, in spite of the price, I´m asking you if a tyre 225/45 R18 95Y would be a good choice, naming Dunlop Sport Maxx RT...cause I live in Portugal, and we only have two months raining....;)

Thanks in advance for your advices....:yesnod:

Paulo Dias
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